Hi. I'm Jamie Phan.

I am a HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Developer. I love making small projects, though all of them are irelevent to each other.

Learn about what I do

Here's all the stuff I do.

All the techniques that I love to use when making small projects.


Well, Obvious, coding is a part of my life. I love to make small websites (HTML, CSS, Javascript) with some awsome framework, such as Materialize. Currently learning AngularJS and Polymer.


I love to study all the securtiy technique for HTTP, such as SSL, server-side encryption, firewalls, GET/POST request interception.
This site is encrypted with AES 128 with TLS 1.2 (Force SSL redirect.)


Besides of coding, I love to make some random "media", From Photoshop, Illustrator, to Flash, Audition, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I love learning new editing skills, though, as I said, all ideas are random.

Some websites that created with pre-existing web-apps.

Most of them are mainly just for testing out some framework and security.

My Blog (Created with Wordpress.)
Forum (Created with phpBB.)
Cloud (Created with ownCloud)

Here’s some stuff I made recently. (*Images will be replaced later*)

Totally random projects.

Gamelet API

An API that extract data from gamelet. XML and JSON supported.

API Example

Gamelet Updater

Phrase PHP Arrays into HTML. Compatible with Gamelet. (Unfinished)



A number guessing game, base on Ajax and HTML. (Prototype)



A number guessing game, base on Ajax and HTML. (Beta)

Beta1 Beta2


Click-That-If-You-Brave-Enough Link generator. (TLD: .tk, .ml, .gq, .gq)


Stupid Test

A testing for some colours and text size. (Try type in "discomode".)


Virtual Keyboard

Using Header, Cookie, Database to create a "virtual keyboard".

Host Gamelet


A very early prototype, will download the latest Tor Browser for you.


gbook 1

The first version of messaging board. (My first database with pratical usage.)


gbook 2

A newer version for messaging board. (Share the same database as ver.1)


Hotlink Image

Allow images only shows on specific URL. (functions done, need UI redesign)


Heroes Stats

A scaling calculator for Heroes of the Storm (Outdated, for Varian Patch.)


Imgur Uploader

Uploading Images to Imgur, showing URLS. (Need UI Redesign.)


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